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About ThruThink®

ThruThink® is a business budgeting on-line app for small to medium-sized businesses to create professional budgets and forecasts in a simple, inexpensive, fast and functional process.

It is the product of literally years of work, decades of experience and careful thought, and thousands and thousands of calculations and algorithms.

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Who We Are & What We Do

We are a U.S.-based company in Fresno, CA. If you have any questions, you can talk with a real person and get real answers. In order to avoid spam internet calls, we do not directly publish our phone number, but just send us a quick e-mail and we will get back to you. We would really love to talk with you.

If you just want to see what ThruThink® does, try out our Free Trial. No credit card information is necessary. All we ask is your e-mail. We may contact you, say thank you or send you updates about ThruThink® in the future and you can even opt out of that. We don't sell or share your e-mail outside of ThruThink®.

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Meet The Inspiration And Passion Behind ThruThink®

Chuck Hoyt owns Charles Hoyt Company (CHC) which is an agricultural management consulting company with offices in Fresno, CA. Chuck founded the firm in 1984 and has worked with farms, packing houses, produce operations, greenhouses, and food processing companies throughout the Western United States. These firms have had between $5M to hundreds of millions in sales and $10M to well over hundreds of millions in assets. 

Chuck works in the area of general management and strategy issues, debt management, and restructuring, management of marketing and sales, operations management and direction, financial viability, strategic planning, accounting, and lender relationships. His involvement in many of these engagements involved CEO or CFO-type functions.


He is highly regarded for his substantial experience with financial workouts, turnarounds, and “special asset” banking relationships. He has accomplished numerous successful turnarounds and restructures.

Chuck served as President of California Fruit and Tomato Kitchens, with sales of approximately $80 million, supplying canned tomato and peach products to the private label retail and food service industry throughout the United States and southern Canada. This included the production process, warehousing, delivery logistics, and a national direct sales staff specialized in serving the food service market sector.

Chuck knows the nuts and bolts of running a business. His work has involved running or analyzing many small to mid-market companies in workouts, restructuring, or acquisition and he has performed literally hundreds of business projections and financing proposals. Through this process, making the accounting numbers tell the Company's real story has become one of Chuck's passions.

During the many years of Chuck's financial workout experience, he learned that the most meaningful way to pitch a workout plan was to tie out the past, present, and future. This begins with the historical profit and loss and flows to the current assets and liabilities of the deal. The process continues with detailed forward-looking projections, consistently explained with the historical performance, and ends up with a balance sheet that ties out to cash along the way.

In the case of a restructuring, Chuck has learned that transparency is a critical factor to show the necessary adjustments to transform the existing assets and liabilities into the springboard platform that can accomplish the plan. That experience inspired the restructure of transparency features contained in ThruThink®.

After thousands of versions and years of perfecting and testing, the ThruThink® platform was born. ThruThink® represents a relentless passion for Chuck to reflect years of experience in an easily understood process. It is Chuck's vision that ThruThink® will be a powerful tool not only for the experienced business professional but for all people with a passion for their business and the desire to explore the adventure of where their numbers could take them.

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