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What's it worth to you to have these answers?
  • Will my business have the cash flow to keep going?
  • Can my business make its debt payments?
  • Should I pay cash or finance my capital expenditures?
  • What is Working Capital and do I have enough?
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What do all the numbers mean? 
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Still using a spreadsheet?

Have you been embarrassed by a spreadsheet mistake?

Well, so have we.

That's why we created ThruThink®!

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1). Spreadsheets can only take you part of the way...

Spreadsheets and templates (someone else's spreadsheet) are useful in laying out the unique factors of a particular business in order to construct the income and expense for the business. Simple enough!

But, it's never that simple!    (see  When running a business the future can be as clear as mud)

It's another story with cash flow when A/R, inventory, A/P, balance sheets, income statement, debt reduction or income taxes are involved.

It gets very, very complex very fast (even in a simple business) and is way beyond most personal spreadsheets or templates. Do you know the difference between your cash flow and net income?

Although complex to calculate, this information is crucial to knowing the answer to even the most basic of all questions;

"Will there be enough cash?"

With ThruThink®, this is a snap!

The complex made simple and easy, with ThruThink®.

The best of both worlds is to use the spreadsheet or template to create the unique detail for income and expenses and use the totals for income and expense as inputs into ThruThink® and have ThruThink® do the heavy lifting and automatically bringing it all together in professional Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Annual Budget formats.

2). How many embarrassing situations have you had with a spreadsheet?

Beware...your spreadsheet will fail. Where will it occur and how embarrassing will it be?

Sooner or later your spreadsheet will have a mistake. Although spreadsheets can be a very valuable tool they must be used with caution and an understanding that they are quite prone to mistakes. To properly employ a spreadsheet, it requires a very large amount of time and expertise invested to minimize the risk of mistakes and misleading results. Are your spreadsheets properly error tested?  

Even if a spreadsheet is thought to be without mistakes and produces a result that is found useful, all confidence must rest with the author and this crucial process will then depend on one individual (multiple authors produce even more opportunities for mistakes). If the author leaves the Company, this confidence is lost.

"ThruThink® is a rigorously error tested format. It has undergone hundreds of thousands of tests over years of development. You don't find that in a personal spreadsheet."

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Add an additional revenue service!

Make business projections fast and easy.

Taxes on accrual or cash basis. Its a snap
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Cloud based platform that your customers can use to prepare their budget or forecast.

Customers identify their strengths & weaknesses on their own
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Model your investment; partial interest, warrants, etc. 

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