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Do you need an Annual Budget. This is a snap with ThruThink ®.

Enter your first year numbers and you will get a one page summary of your Income Expense, monthly Cash Flow, summary Balance Sheet as well as some key performance indicators. Perfect for your Bank or initial Investor. 

ThruThink® was born out of the realization that businesses are started and run with passion, but survive and grow with numbers.

Some people just don't deal with numbers well and therefore suffer the consequences of failure or are able to survive to the point of being able to hire good "numbers people". A very small percentage of business people possess together the vision, passion and the affinity for numbers that are required for long term business success.

ThruThink® is intended to give a "numbers" perspective to Individuals with an established business, entrepreneurs planning out a new business, retirees planning a new chapter in their lives or simply individuals with a dream. Data Inputs are inputted and saved as an Individual Project.

In an easy to use and step by step manner, the existing assets and debt are entered along with sales growth over the chosen time horizon, cost of goods sold, gross profit margins, general operating expense, a vast assortment of debt options, performance earn out, capital expenditures and exit strategy options. All of this information will then be organized into an Annual BudgetSnap Shot Summary, a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow for each year of your Horizon and Transaction Sheets for your deal that will impress your banker or investor. 

ThruThink Deal Score®


Our ThruThink Deal Score® service generates a score for the "Deal" using our proprietary calculations for actual or proposed business transactions from user inputs for the purchase, sale, valuation, debt or equity analysis of a business. Our ThruThink Deal Score® service is not necessarily a score for the quality of the Company itself, but a score for the "Deal". In other words, an excellent Company can receive a poor Deal Score because of the level of the purchase price or valuation, improper debt or equity structure, capital expenditures, owner draws, etc.

Our ThruThink Deal Score® service is a rating of the "Deal" based on the user's inputs for a business's past performance, existing financial condition and projected future performance which will represent the performance of a particular purchase or value in concert with its unique debt and equity structure.

Each Project can represent different "scenarios" representing different risk levels or opportunities. Whoever inputs the data will become the "Author". For Corporate Accounts, the Author can give access permission, for example your banker, investor, CPA or other advisor could have on-line access to your Project.

The Individual Premium, Corporate Basic and Corporate Premium are subscriptions to use the ThruThink® site which will enable the User to make changes on up to 10 Projects for the Individual Premium and an unlimited* number of Projects on the Corporate Accounts.

Check out the ThruThink Deal Score®
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