ThruThink® for

Restructure and Workout Plans

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Bankruptcy Attorneys and Workout Specialists:
When your plan calls for more than just simple...
ThruThink is Better, Faster, Easier and more Accurate than a spreadsheet
Illustrate your restructure with complete transparency using the unique capability of the ThruThink®
Existing Company/Transaction Sheet process
Chuck Hoyt
Cash Flows, Annual Monthly Budgets, P&L's, Balance Sheets
Time Horizon can be set to 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years
Extensive and very flexible dynamic debt capabilities 
Demonstrate detailed asset liquidations with gain/loss calculations
Income tax estimates with graduated tax rate inputs
Calculate income taxes on cash or accrual basis

Logical, step by step guided input process with help information along the way.  

If you need just one summary report,
Take a Look:
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It's a cloud based service so there is no software to download and it's easy to sign up.