ThruThink® is perfect for Equity Investors

Giving a Presentation

This is an interactive business modeling platform that specializes in analyzing a business acquisition.

We realize that you know how to analyze a deal,

but take just a moment to check out what ThruThink® can do, you may be surprised and maybe a bit impressed.


If you need, it gets pretty sophisticated:

Senior Debt options, Subordinated Debt with Warrants, PIK interest, Equity Debt, Partial Interest Purchases, Earn Out options and Equity Returns by equity category.

Here's the pitch...

ThruThink® will simply save you a ton of time.

With a faster setup and input, get deals done quicker, pre-screen deals with less work allowing you to spend time on the deals that you end up making.


A huge time-saving option over preparing a custom analysis for each of your deals.

A familiar and standard format between all deals.

See uniform Deal Measures and have confidence that all of the kinks, errors and mistakes that happen with individual custom analysis have been worked out. 

Compare and judge your deals with the ThruThink Deal Score® for each deal.

Now the Detail...

#1  Partial purchase of equity

The equity investment can be for either 100% of the business or just a portion of the Equity.

#2  Target Company, Existing Company or both

With ThruThink®, a company acquisition investment can be made using one of three options:

  1. Purchase or invest in the net assets of a Target Company

  2. Purchase or invest in an Existing Company for a full balance sheet purchase

  3. An Existing Company purchases or invests in the net assets of the Target Company 

Using the Existing Company option, your Deal Team can overlay a new acquisition or business deal into an Existing Company and demonstrate how the Company looks after the deal. This is a great way to show the benefits for a new acquisition or a new line of business to an existing business. 

#3  Exit Strategy and Equity Returns

There is an Exit Sale provision and all returns are calculated using either Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) or Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculations. Returns are calculated for each of three separate equity categories.


See the difference between the Company's perspective for Return and the Equity Perspective for Return

The equity contributions and the large assortment of debt options used to acquire the Target and or the Existing Company are incorporated in the succeeding company operations. 

#4  Multiple time horizon choices

There is a choice of five time horizons (3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years) for the investment and there can be three classes of Equity ownership. Each class can have a different percentage of Equity and a different percentage of Gain on Exit Sale of the Company. The latter is designed to provide a Company manager or Owner an incentive upon a subsequent Exit Sale of the Company. Multiple deals or projects can be saved and compared. The ThruThink Deal Score® can be used as a comparison gauge between projects.

#5  Flexibility to use Sales less expenses or go straight to EBITDA

Sales, Cost of Goods Sold or alternatively EBITDA may be adjusted and managed along with Debt levels and repayment options and an array of Subordinated Debt options along with PIK Interest and Warrants. There is a Performance Earn Out provision for either the seller or strategic investor.

#6  Subordinated Debt, Warrants, PIK Interest and Equity Debt

ThruThink® has multiple Subordinated Debt choices each with a warrant and PIK interest option designed to handle mezzanine debt in any of your deals. 

There is an Equity Debt option for each of three classes of equity to provide the ability to have different equity contributions yet maintain the equity capital in accordance with ownership percentages.

#7  Transaction Sheets

ThruThink® produces the Transaction Deal Sheet, Transaction Deal Structure and the Buyers and Sellers Statement of Transaction. The Deal Sheet shows a summary of the deal, the Deal Structure lays out the sources of cash to satisfy the purchase price and the Buyers and Sellers Statement is like an escrow summary and shows the Sources and Uses of cash to both the Buyer and Seller in a simulated Transaction escrow.

Summary Reports are organized into a

ThruThink Deal Score® and

 Snap Shot Summary

for the deal or project as well as a

 Balance Sheet,

Income Statement and

 Cash Flow

for the business for each year of the Horizon Period and

 Transaction Sheets

for the deal

Check out all the reports here.

ThruThink® presents a great platform to illustrate your business proposals to clients, other investors, lenders and business owners.

Check out the ThruThink Deal Score®
Deal Score-Straight5.png

Individual Client Companies

For each Client Company, Data Inputs are inputted separately and saved as an Individual Project. This can be done by the company or by the CPA or Advisor (Advisor). Whoever inputs the data will become the "Author". For Corporate Accounts, the Author will give access permission to specific individuals, for example, the Advisor (when prepared by the company), the Senior Partner and/or the CEO.