ThruThink® is perfect for Equity Investors

Giving a Presentation

This is an interactive business modeling platform that specializes in analyzing a business acquisition.

We realize that you know how to analyze a deal,

but take just a moment to check out what ThruThink® can do, you may be surprised and maybe a bit impressed. If you need, it get's pretty sophisticated:

Senior Debt options, Subordinated Debt with Warrants, PIK interest, Equity Debt, Partial Interest Purchases, Earn Out options and Equity Returns by equity category.

Here's the pitch...

ThruThink® will simply save you a ton of time.

With a faster setup and input, get deals done quicker, pre-screen deals with less work allowing you to spend time on the deals that you end up making.


A huge time-saving option over preparing a custom analysis for each of your deals.

A familiar and standard format between all deals.

See uniform Deal Measures and have confidence that all of the kinks, errors and mistakes that happen with individual custom analysis have been worked out. 

Compare and judge your deals with the ThruThink Deal Score® for each deal.

Now the Detail...

#1  Partial purchase of equity

#2  Target Company, Existing Company or both

#3  Exit Strategy and Equity Returns

#4  Multiple time horizon choices

#5  Flexibility to use Sales less expenses or go straight to EBITDA

#6  Subordinated Debt, Warrants, PIK Interest and Equity Debt

#7  Transaction Sheets

Summary Reports are organized into a

ThruThink Deal Score® and

 Snap Shot Summary

for the deal or project as well as a

 Balance Sheet,

Income Statement and

 Cash Flow

for the business for each year of the Horizon Period and

 Transaction Sheets

for the deal

Check out all the reports here.

ThruThink® presents a great platform to illustrate your business proposals to clients, other investors, lenders and business owners.

Check out the ThruThink Deal Score®
Deal Score-Straight5.png
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