For Medium to Large Businesses

If you have established processes for making your projections;

If you are beyond battling running out of cash;

We respect that

However, we find that most businesses do not have this sufficiently in place...

Is your projection process one person's spreadsheet?


So why care about ThruThink®?

  1. A multi-year strategic sales plan laid over your capex, debt, inventory, A/R, A/P, income taxes and equity obligations will challenge most spreadsheets and even sophisticated accounting systems.

  2. Is what you are doing worth all the risk, work & effort?

  3. Minimize the risk for mistakes and errors!

Here is what you get with ThruThink®

1.  Comprehensive input process to provide a picture of the past, present and future

2.  Existing Company, Target Company or both

3.  Exit Strategy

4. Multiple time horizon choices

5. Use Sales less Expenses or just begin with EBITDA

Summary Reports for each Project

are organized into a

ThruThink Deal Score® 


Snap Shot Summary

as well as a

 Balance Sheet,

Income Statement,


 Cash Flow

for each year of the

Horizon Period


 Transaction Sheets

if it is a purchase, investment or sale.

 Check out all the reports here.

ThruThink® presents a great platform to model your business plans!

Check out the ThruThink Deal Score®
Deal Score-Straight5.png
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