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"Spend more time on the deals that you will make and less on the deals that you won't!"

  • Increase the odds of your loans performing as expected

  • Put more business on the books

  • Decrease analysis costs


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Here are five ways the Business Banker will benefit with ThruThink® 

1.    Use the Annual Budget report for your Bank Budget process. 

2.    The ThruThink Deal Score® provides an initial screening for the Bank with it's A,B,C,D or F rating with the Customer doing all the work

3.    Less analysis time is needed when using ThruThink® because it provides the Bank a cloud based trusted uniform third party business projection platform. 

4.  ThruThink® can provide a great projection and debt management tool to the Customer 

5.   By observing how the borrower completed the ThruThink® analysis, the Bank will get great insight into how much the customer really knows their numbers.

ThruThink® is an easy to use cloud-based platform for business projections with great instructions along the way which will make it doable for anyone who owns a business.

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There is a bulk subscription option with ThruThink®, so the Bank can make an economic bulk purchase of literally thousands of subscriptions. Call our Customer Service for bulk rate options.

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