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"Spend more time on the deals that you will make and less on the deals that you won't!"

  • Increase the odds of your loans performing as expected

  • Put more business on the books

  • Decrease analysis costs


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Here are five ways the Business Banker will benefit with ThruThink® 

1.    Use the Annual Budget report for your Bank Budget process. 

The Annual Budget provides a summary Income Statement and Balance Sheet along with a monthly cash flow by category along with a quick look at working capital and peak lines of credit usage. 

The monthly general line of credit summary feature or A/R and Inventory credit line summary feature will highlight the short term loan requirements.


Does a great job on the long term side too! It's user friendly so your customer can do the work! See an example.

2.    The ThruThink Deal Score® provides an initial screening for the Bank with it's A,B,C,D or F rating with the Customer doing all the work

This will save the Bank a great deal of time sifting through deals that they will not end up doing. 


Imagine setting up marketing programs to bring in thousands of loan applications to the Bank. With ThruThink®, all of those applicants would be asked to enter their numbers into ThruThink®. The thousands could be screened down to say 100’s by the ThruThink Deal Score® and the Bank’s credit process would screen those 100’s down to say 10 or 20 loans that really made sense for the Bank. A great time saving for the Bank to get the business that they really want and a great service to the Borrower to understand, early in the process, what issues are of concern.

3.    Less analysis time is needed when using ThruThink® because it provides the Bank a cloud based trusted uniform third party business projection platform. 

At ThruThink®, it is our experience that borrower projections are usually prepared using a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are a wonderful tool, but everyone develops their numbers differently and they often contain a varied amount of mistakes, errors, hidden assumptions or plug numbers (see mistakes). It always takes time to get up to speed with some else's spreadsheet.


Because ThruThink® is cloud based and is designed to be completed by the borrower, your customer can do all of the work. When the projections are made using ThruThink®, the Bank can trust the format and will see or easily find the assumptions that are built into the projections. It takes away the time and frustration spent understanding someone else's spreadsheet. There are no plug numbers and the formulas have been rigorously tested with a comprehensive error check system built into the platform. You can be reassured that ThruThink® is an unbiased third party platform.

At ThruThink we have found that the more transparent the numbers are and the better the Bank understands the borrowers numbers, the clearer the decisions become.

4.  ThruThink® can provide a great projection and debt management tool to the Customer 

The Bank can use ThruThink® as a reference tool for the customer.

This will allow the customer to flush out the problems with their projections before they even get to the Bank. The ThruThink Evaluation® will explain to the Borrower in plain English what the issues are, before the Bank has spent much time in the deal. The Borrower will have a chance to revise the deal presentation to the Bank before receiving any negative feedback.

At ThruThink®, we have observed that it is very common among business owners (especially the small to medium size) to not understand the difference between cash flow and net income and their relationship between balance sheet items like Accounts Receivable, Inventory and cash available for Debt Repayment.

The ThruThink Deal Score® of A,B,C,D or F will provide a good heads up for both the Borrower and the Bank. The ThruThink Evaluation® will lay out the reasons for the score.


With whatever score it is, the Bank or the Borrower can quickly zero in on what causes the score to be low or high. If that made sense to the Bank or if there were acceptable mitigating reasons, the Bank's normal credit process could then take over.

5.   By observing how the borrower completed the ThruThink® analysis, the Bank will get great insight into how much the customer really knows their numbers.

Does your borrower understand how the numbers flow through their balance sheet into net income and cash flow. This observation can become an initial indication for the Bank; either positive or a red flag.

We have observed that those borrowers who get into trouble do not understand these dynamics until it is too late. The benefit of ThruThink® is that it causes the borrower to sit down before hand and think about and show on paper just how their numbers work to generate cash flow, long term sustainability through Net Income and therefore debt repayment. 

ThruThink® is an easy to use cloud-based platform for business projections with great instructions along the way which will make it doable for anyone who owns a business.

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For simpler deals, the Quick Deal input process was designed so that with only tax returns and some idea of where they are and where they are headed, a borrower could generate a Quick Deal in a relatively short amount of time (it would take less than 30 minutes if the information was readily available).


This will generate an e-mail with the Deal Score, Deal Evaluation, forward looking Balance Sheet information for each year of the borrower’s horizon, plus Income Statement, Cash Flow, Sources and Uses of Cash for the Horizon time period. Please see the Reports Summary for a sample of what these reports look like.

For more detail, the 8 Step Input Process allows for a full balance sheet input. There are extensive asset, debt and equity input options with the Step Input process including the purchase or sale of a portion of a business. 


There is a bulk subscription option with ThruThink®, so the Bank can make an economic bulk purchase of literally thousands of subscriptions. Call our Customer Service for bulk rate options.

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