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There is no credit card information necessary. All we ask is your e-mail. We may contact you, say thank you or send you updates about ThruThink® in the future and you can even opt out of that if you like. We don't sell or share your e-mail.

With a Free Trial, you will get an on-screen version of the ThruThink® Quick Deal. The Quick Deal is a full analysis with all of the reports but designed to be a quicker input process so you just don't get all the input options that you would with the Individual Premium subscription.

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After entering your information you can see the ThruThink® reports on your screen. Of course with a subscription, you would get this information as an e-mail, so if you like what you see, you can Subscribe and have access to your project plus many more options with a premium account and send yourself an e-mail with the reports as often as you like.

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