Exit Strategy Analysis

The ThruThink Evaluation® process has an Exit Strategy provision that provides for the sale of the business and an exit for the Owners or Equity Groups. A business sale value expressed either as a whole number sale or a multiple of EBITDA can be entered by the User for a future year within the Users selected time horizon.

The process provides for three different Equity Groups or owners, each at a different % equity and a different % gain on Exit Sale.

Exit image and Road

An Equity participant or owner at various levels of participation can have a picture of their return upon exiting the Company or "Deal" and determine if the risk and effort of the investment was worth the return.

In this same context, it also allows an owner to see the effect of a partial equity sale. How will the

expected sales and EBITDA increase from the sale effect the business plan under the proposed debt load and equity structure.

Is there enough potential return for the sweat equity of an operating owner and if not, what business factors need to take place to provide a satisfactory return with the proposed debt and equity structure? Design the Deal for your best interest!