ThruThink Deal Score®

Our optional ThruThink Deal Score® service is part of theThruThink Evaluation® service and generates a score of "A", "B", "C", "D", or "F" for the "Deal". The Score uses our proprietary calculations for actual or proposed business transactions from user inputs for the purchase, sale, valuation, debt or equity analysis of a business.

The ThruThink Deal Score® service can be turned on or off and is not necessarily a score for the quality of the Company itself, but a score for the "Deal". In other words, an excellent Company can receive a poor Deal Score because of the level of the purchase price or valuation, improper debt or equity structure, capital expenditures, owner draws, etc.

Our ThruThink Deal Score® service is a rating of the "Deal" based on the user's inputs for a business's past performance, existing financial condition and projected future performance which will illustrate the performance of a particular purchase or value in concert with its unique debt and equity structure.

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