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Freshly Made Pizza

ThruThink® is designed to help the restaurant or chain owner manage their future by providing a quick and easy platform to make projections for Net Income, EBITDA, Cash Flow and Debt.

Each Restaurant can be set up as a different Project and compared using the summary report feature.

Do you need an Annual Budget. This is a snap with ThruThink ®.

Enter your first year numbers and you will get a two page summary of your Income Expense, monthly Cash Flow, summary Balance Sheet as well as some key performance indicators. Perfect for your Bank or initial Investor. 

Here is what makes ThruThink® different

1. There is a choice of five time horizons for your analysis - 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years

2. Make an estimate for an Exit Sale at the end of your time horizon to reflect the real return

3. There can be three classes of Equity ownership

Each class can have a different percentage of Equity and a different percentage of Gain on Exit Sale of the Company. The latter is designed to provide an Operations Manager an incentive upon the Exit Sale of the Company. Multiple Projects can be saved and compared.


4. The ThruThink Deal Score® can be used as a comparison gauge between Projects.

5. Debt Management

Sales, Cost of Goods Sold (Cost of Service; food, labor, etc.) inputs or alternatively just direct EBITDA inputs may be adjusted and managed along with an array of Debt combinations and repayment options.

Model your income and expense and determine the right debt structure to match your cash flow.

6. Use the 13 Week Casf Flow Forecast to watch upcoming cash flow requirements

7. Stay focused on the overallplan with the Monthly Projection to Actual Comparison


All of this information will then be organized into a Snap Shot Summary, a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow for each year of your Horizon and Transaction Sheets for your deal.

Check out the ThruThink Deal Score®
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