For Agriculture

Put together an annual budget for the bank.


With ThruThink®, this is an easy process using the Annual Budget feature.

Individual crop detail may be entered as line items showing the variable contribution from the crops along with the overhead and debt payments.

Annual Budget

The annual budget will show a summary of the accrual net income for the farm or ranch and a monthly cash flow spread for the first year. This will save thousands of dollars if you have to hire a consultant or your accountant to prepare. Enter a Credit Line amount and see the monthly balance projections for the annual crop loan. 

Multi-Year Financial Reports

For a bigger picture, use the multi-year Horizon Period reports to show where your plans will take your financials over a longer period.

The Summary Horizon Reports are organized into a Snap Shot Summary for the project as well as a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow for each year of your Horizon for the forecasted operation and Transaction Sheets if the transaction is a purchase or investment

Debt Management

Sales, crop or ranch expenses or alternatively EBITDA may be adjusted and managed along with an array of Debt combinations and repayment options.

Model your income and expense and determine the right debt structure to match your cash flow.

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