ThruThink® for Advisory / CPA Firms

Make Business Projections with less Time

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For anything more than simple

in a business projection;

There are three main reasons CPA firms should subscribe to ThruThink®...

Sure, you can do the analysis, but can you really charge for all the time it takes to do it right?

You know financial statements and tax returns,

let ThruThink® take care of your business projection and budget needs;

It's like having an accounting system that looks into the future

#1   Make projections or a budget fast and easy

Have you ever had your Client ask you for a budget or if their idea or business opportunity was a good deal or what direction you think they should take in the future?


Your Clients expect a quick and simple answer to these often complicated requests. In order to answer these questions, you must either give a very generalized answer or must spend a great deal of time to dig into the Deal.

ThruThink® will save you countless hours of work in creating a spreadsheet analysis or adapting an existing spreadsheet analysis to your Clients Company and ThruThink® gives you so much more than a spreadsheet could do.

The inputs for ThruThink® are really simple and very straight forward and transparent. You can see how all the numbers are calculated so there is really no mystery (ok, except for the ThruThink Deal Score®  and Evaluation calculations which are proprietary).  

After inputting your Clients projections and past several years financial statement or tax return information into the ThruThink® Historical analysis you will see how the Clients projections tie into past performance. This usually is an eye opener for the Client.


The Annual Budget feature is a two page summary of Income & Expense with monthly cash flow and a summary balance sheet along with some key performance indicators. A lot of information in just two pages! Perfect for the Banker.

Then you get the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow and Sources and Uses of Cash with Net Income and Cash that ties out to the Balance Sheet for every year; all spread out in impressive reports for each year of the Time Horizon that you choose. Your Client and their bankers and investors will be impressed! And that's just the standard stuff. 

#2   Model future Depreciation scenarios

With ThruThink®, depreciation is expressed using inputs for % of CapEx expensed in the 1st year and years of life thereafter for each asset class or with the Existing Company option, actual depreciation amounts that you calculate for each Asset class can be used.


Using your own depreciation calculations that reflect more specific depreciation rules will allow you to overlay the effect of each depreciation scenario on the business operation and see what fits your Clients business cash flow and tax strategy the best. 

#3  Easy to show your Clients what the numbers mean

The ThruThink Deal Score®, and Evaluation will help you explain to your Clients what the numbers mean and how a banker or investor will look at them. 


The Snap Shot Summary  is a dashboard of the projected financial performance of the business and if it's a business acquisition, the Transaction Sheets lay out what the Deal is and how it was financed.


These are all the summary reports that bring everything into focus for the Client with simple graphical presentations.

Check out the ThruThink Deal Score®
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This is cloud based so there is no software to download; it won't interact with your server and software system. 

Individual Client Companies

For each Client Company, Data Inputs are inputted separately and saved as an Individual Project. This can be done by the company or by the CPA or Advisor (Advisor). Whoever inputs the data will become the "Author". For Corporate Accounts, the Author will give access permission to specific individuals, for example, the Advisor (when prepared by the company), the Senior Partner and/or the CEO.